Indalo Players - El Teatro

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Indalo Players - El Teatro

Two humorous plays 30th, 31st May, 1st June

"Darlings, You Were Wonderful!" 

The Amazon Theatre Group are to perform a little-known, passionate, Spanish drama in a festival. Amid multiple tensions and general chaos backstage, Lesley, the missing member, staggers in paralytically drunk and dressed in motorcycle gear........ 

"Theatrical Digs"
Theatrical Digs is a farcical battle of wits, work, agents and mobile phones between a glamorous, conceited actress and an eccentric older performer.

Performance dates and times:
Friday 30th May 8pm
Saturday 31st May 3pm and 8pm
Sunday 1st June 3pm

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sale at PC Playa, 



Connexions, Turre